It's all in the details and  we want you to see them!

Take a look below at how our boats are built. We build them as if we were going to keep them for ourselves; with pride and quality! Take a look below.

Our Build Process is beautifully Simple

We want our boats to last forever so we only use fiberglass, structural foam and resin to build our boats.


First we spray the gelcoat into the mold to provide a base for the fiberglass to be laid. 

Release the mold

After the resin has cured we release the newly cured hull from the mold.


The structural foam stringers are CNC cut to fit perfectly and are bonded to the hull with more fiberglass and resin to create and inseparable bond. 

The lamination method is the key to our hull's strength.
26' Model lamination schedule shown. Lifting strakes, transom and keel are reinforced well beyond what is shown below.