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We dont build a boat... We build your boat!

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One-on-one approach

Imagine having the ability to be part of your boat's building process. Imagine being able to see it come to life from design to delivery. At Streamline, you are part of the process from day one!

Our 26' has a ride that performs and style to match!

This high performance sport fishing CC is the perfect combination of speed and utility. Our single stepped hull was designed to offer higher speed capabilities, while also offering excellent fuel economy.

Top Features

Flexible Responsive Layout

We took the awesome grid system in Bootstrap 3 and made it flexible in width. All elements in Glazed use this familiar and well documented grid system.

Scroll Animations

With the animation editor you can create awesome scroll animations without any coding. You can animate on appear events, hover or click.

Drag & Drop Builder

Glazed Builder, our own Drupal drag and drop builder is included and integrated with Glazed. Build amazing Drupal websites faster than ever.

Advanced Theme Settings

Our theme settings dashboard makes customization easy and fun. With 200 theme settings including 20 adjustable colors you can design anything.

Unlimited Colors

With 20 adjustable colors you can create stunning color schemes, or tune everything down to match your brand. Don't take our word, try it!

Pixel Perfect Sub-Themes

Our Sub-Themes are ready-made Glazed websites that will jump-start your project. The Sub-Themes are completely adjustable with Glazed theme settings.

Full Demo Content Included

When installing a Sub-Theme all demo content is included. We source free images from sites like Unsplash and Pixabay so you can use them for free!

Bootstrap 3

Some other themes create a blackbox of proprietary frontend tools with no documentation. At SooperThemes Everything is based on Bootstrap 3.

Header & Side-Header Styles

Create any layout you want including side headers or a sticky header. We update Glazed theme with new options all the time.

PageSpeed Optimized

We know how to create blazingly fast themes. Our modular and extendable code architecture is completely optimized for fast page load times!

Magazine & Newspaper Sub-Themes

SooperThemes GridStack views and magazine layouts help create stunning and well-structured Magazine websites. Powered by Drupal, so scalable and fast.

30+ Portfolio Styles

For Portfolio websites we provide a wide selection of views. Showcase you work in simple grids, or dynamically filtered premium layouts!

Video Backgrounds, Parallax Effects

Create the ultimiate eye-catching hero region with video backgrounds. Stream videos from YouTube and Vimeo to create spectular effects.

Revolution Slider Included ($28)

Immersive sliders are easy with this drag and drop slide builder. Enjoy creative freedom with KenBurns effects and a flexible animation engine.

SEO Optimized

We have seen client websites raise to the top without even doing any link building. Your visitors will love Glazed and Google will love it too!

Google Maps Integration

Sometimes you just need to put a map in your content. With our Drag and Drop builder you can just enter your address and drop in a map.

Full Screen Search Experience

Tiny search boxes that pop out of a corner are not mobile friendly. Our full-screen search form is easy to use across all devices.

Pixel Perfect Design Details

With the continuous development and creative improvements in Glazed theme, you get to experience Drupal in a beautiful and clear design language.

SooperThemes Supports

SooperThemes supports Drupal through code contributions as well as sponsored advertisements on We have 10 years experience in the Drupal community and plan to stick around!

Empowering Marketers and Editors

Glazed is not just great for themers, site builders and developers. Empower marketing staff to redesign your homepage and let editors be layout designers. The possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Drupal over Wordpress?

From the creator of Drupal

Fundamentally, Drupal has better support for content types, content relations, content versioning, taxonomies, localization, fine-grained access control, configuration management and more. Out of the box, WordPress simply doesn't provide the same level of functionality. I realize that you can do similar things with a combination of third-party WordPress plugins but that is often not as robust or well-integrated.
Dries Buytaert

Use The Full Sooperthemes stack, or just add a single module or theme to your Drupal 7 or 8 project..

When you join Sooperthemes you don't just get a theme. You get a suite of powerful tools including Glazed Theme, Glazed Builder, Sooperthemes Portfolio, and you can choose one of our uniquely designed demo websites to start your project with.

You can use all of it, or some of it. Glazed Builder works on any Drupal website and can work with any theme. Glazed Theme can also work without Glazed builder. 

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