Discover Streamline!

We dont build a boat... We build your boat!

You'll receive an excellent product with incredible support when you join the Streamline family!

One-on-one approach

Imagine having the ability to be part of your boat's building process. Imagine being able to see it come to life from design to delivery. At Streamline, you are part of the process from day one!

Our 26' has a ride that performs and style to match!

This high performance sport fishing CC is the perfect combination of speed and utility. Our single stepped hull was designed to offer higher speed capabilities, while also offering excellent fuel economy.

Why Choose Streamline?

From the President

We started Streamline Boats because we have a unique one-on-one approach and really care about the craftsmanship that goes into each and every boat we manufacture.

A huge part of Streamline's culture and success is due to our experienced staff members. From lamination to final product, our staff of 40 are dedicated to deliver the best quality
in every boat we manufacture.

Our ultimate goal is to get you out on the water so you can enjoy your weekend whether it be a leisurely cruise in the keys going to a sandbar or deep dropping offshore.

Peter Garcia

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